Trends in Hiring and Maintaining a Pool of Interpreters and Translators

Hiring and maintaining a sufficient pool of qualified interpreters and translators is crucial to the success of any language company, whether you’re a multimillion international firm or a one-person operation. To be an effective interpreter and translator takes time, skill, and training, as well as ongoing learning and skill-building. It’s not an easy occupation and […]

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language services for legal and law

Legal Language Services. Court Interpreters and Translators

Legal Language Services We speak fluent legalese, too! Request Information In the U.S., language access in the courtroom and other legal settings is not only the right thing to do for the parties involved in the lawsuit, it’s also the law.  Our network of qualified and certified court interpreters and translators have decades of experience […]

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The Role of Translators and Interpreters during Crisis Situations

The main function of translators and interpreters is to bridge the gap caused by language barriers through communication. But when the situation is especially urgent, such as during national emergencies or on the battlefield, the role of interpreters and translators cannot be overstated. Let’s take a look at specific crisis situations where interpreters are needed, […]

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language access rights. Multiculturalism

Language Access: The Right to Understand and Be Understood

Reading time: 5 mins  |  Word Count: 790 This blog was first published on In our multicultural society, language access is a fundamental right, crucial for fostering inclusive communities where every voice is heard, and every message is understood. As George Bernard Shaw once mused, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion […]

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The Hidden Costs of Poor Quality Language Services: A Closer Look at Its Impact on Organizations

Reading time: 4 mins  |  Word Count: 1,269   In the United States, a mosaic of cultures and languages, effective communication is critical for the seamless operation of both government and non-government organizations. However, despite the country’s linguistic diversity, there’s still a significant gap in adequate language access. This is a serious concern that has […]

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Grassroots Advocacy and Language Access

More than 68 million people living in the United States speak a language other than English at home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Of that number, 25 million speak little or no English and are considered to be Limited English Proficient (LEP), also according to Census data. It is axiomatic that if one does not […]

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Multilingual Event Management

Multilingual Event Management Our Services Expertise in Over 200 Languages End-to-End Solutions State-of-the-Art Equipment In our ever-globalizing world, events are no longer constrained by language barriers. Whether you’re organizing an international conference, corporate meeting, webinar, or cultural festival, ensuring effective communication is the key to your success. Bromberg & Associates offers Multilingual Event Management services, […]

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