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Bromberg & Associates providesproceso de and interpretation servicesnationwide and globally. Whether you need a Spanish translator in Michigan, a conference interpreter in Toronto, or an necesita un intérprete de Lengua de Signos Española a distancia o en cualquier parte del mundo, in Florida, Bromberg & Associates is ready to meet your language service needs. 

More than 200 languages, and our list is constantly expanding. 

Bromberg & Associates’ team works with  professional translators, voiceover talent, sign language interpreters and foreign language interpreters, who are all skilled professionals. All linguists are experienced and educated native speakers, with extensive experience in their chosen fields. 

Yes, if we perform the translation, we are qualified to provide certification of documents translated from and into English. Visit our Personal Portal de Traducción de Documentos Onlineto learn more about our translation process. 

Servicios de Traducción

Your personal document translation needs are met quickly and accurately with ourPersonal Online Document Translation Portal . This service makes it easy and convenient for you to receive certified personal document translations including birth certificates, marriage and driver’s licenses, college and high school diplomas, apostilles, identification cards, and passports. If need be, translated documents can also be notarized. All personal documents are treated confidentially, and the translation process is simple and straightforward: simply upload your files into our portal and you will receive a translated document ready for DMV, immigration, DHS and any other government organization delivered within two business days. We also guarantee that all personal document translations will be accepted by USCIS or any other government agency. We accept all common document and image types, including PDF, DOCX and JPG. 

Bromberg & Associates offers multiple options for delivering your translated documents, including by e-mail, fax, regular or express mail, or by downloading it from the cloud. 

Bromberg & Associates has over two decades of experience in traducción de documentos médicos, farmacéuticos, dispositivos médicos y de las ciencias biológicas. Algunos de los documentos que podemos traducir incluyen: 

  • Formularios de Informes de Casos 
  • Documentación para Capacitaciones 
  • Protocolos para Estudios Clínicos 
  • Documentos de Validación Médica 
  • Formularios de Autorización de HIPAA 
  • Informes de Toxicología 
  • Formularios de Consentimiento Informado 
  • Patentes y Solicitudes de Patentes 
  • Información de Prescripción de Pacientes 
  • Documentación de Química, Fabricación y Controles 
  • Estudios de Calidad de Vida y resultados informados por el paciente (QOL/PRO, por sus siglas en inglés) 
  • Documentos de Revisión de Calidad (QRD, por sus siglas en inglés) 
  • Envasado y Etiquetado 
  • Prospectos 
  • Indicaciones de Uso 

Whether you need specialized medical translation services for regulatory submissions, patient’s records for an insurance claim, or a presentation at a life sciences summit, Bromberg & Associates is ready to help you meet your medical translation and interpreting needs. 

A translation glossary also known as a lexicon, term base, or terminology collection is very helpful and sometimes essential for highly specialized content. The glossary contains key terminology in your source language and approved translations for that terminology in all your target languages. The glossary may also contain other metadata such as the definition, context, part of speech, and approval/review date. It is one of the key tools that ensures all translated materials consistently meet your quality requirements. While not Obligatorio upon submission, using a translation glossary will make the translation process smoother, faster, and cheaper. If this is the first document you are translating and you are anticipating additional proceso de needs, Bromberg & Associates can help you build a glossary from scratch to save you money and time for any subsequent translation projects. 

Servicios de Interpretación

Bromberg & Associates provides both consecutive and simultaneous servicios de interpretación consecutiva y simultánea worldwide using modalities such as Telephonic, Interpretación Remota por Vídeo and Onsite Interpreting.Whether your project requires remote event coordination or equipo de interpretación simultánea onsite, Bromberg & Associates has the resources and experience to manage your project smoothly and ensure that information is conveyed accurately and appropriately. 

  • A continuación se presenta parte de la información que necesitaremos recopilar a fin de proporcionar la mejor solución de acceso al idioma para sus necesidades: 

    • ¿Necesitará un servicio presencial o a distancia (aplicación de vídeo a distancia,interpretación por teléfono or another platform, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, etc.) 
    • Language or Languages you require 
    • Where do your vendors, partners, clients, patients, defendants, or consumers with limited English proficiency come from? The Spanish spoken in Spain isn’t the same as that in Guatemala or Argentina. 
    • Interpreting subject area: automotive, educational, financial, legal, medical, etc. 
    • Purpose of Interpreting: sales presentation, business meeting, court appearance, etc. 
    • Number of participants requiring interpreting services 
    • Calendario tentativo 

Yes, we do. We offer both portable and stationary equipment for rent.  

We also deliver state-of-the-art Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions, (RSI) a conference interpreting option available remotely.  As long as you have a computer or tablet, you can set up an account for RSI Gateway and schedule simultaneous interpreting for your next virtual event. 

Have more questions?

Please visit our Contact Section and select any one of our communication channels. One of our highly trained staff will be more than happy to help you! 

How We Can Help Your Organization Succeed

Gateway: Interpretación Remota por Video

Save time and money with our Innovative VRI app

Gateway: Interpretación por Teléfono

Realtime interpreting services when you need them

Interpretación presencial

Schedule our professional interpreters for your next meeting, training, or conference

Lenguaje de Señas Americano (ASL)

On-site, remote, and speech-to-text services with nationally and/or state certified interpreters

Traducción de Documentos

Traduzca sus documentos personales y corporativos de forma rápida y precisa.

Autoedición Multilingüe

Format your multilingual printed and digital materials

Consultoría e Implementación del Cumplimiento Federal

Obtenga orientación de expertos sobre las últimas regulaciones federales.

Multicultural Awareness Programs and Services

Avoid miscommunications, misunderstandings, and mistakes by employees

Servicios Audiovisuales

Voz en off, subtitulado, subtítulos optativos y supervisión del lenguaje.

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At Bromberg, we’ve made it our mission to provide professional language services that leave a lasting impression. We speak your language to convey your message to the world. 

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