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Bromberg’s Multicultural Awareness Training Programs equip you with skilled instructors, well-versed in cross-cultural dynamics, ready to engage and work with your teams of any scale, big or small. 

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Multicultural Awareness Training Programs are about acknowledging, understanding and embracing diversity, as well as similarities between cultures and societies. Our Multicultural Awareness Programs & Services will provide you and your company with the proper tools to bridge cultural and communication gaps. 

As language and culture professionals and educators, we provide training, resources and knowledge for your organization to successfully work with other cultures. Exploring one’s cultural biases and learning about cultural norms, etiquette, traditions and best practices is key for developing successful global businesses, as well as establishing a team-oriented and productive multicultural workforce. 

Nuestras capacitaciones de conciencia cultural incluyen:

A diverse work team can increase productivity, enhance problem solving skills and stimulate the flow of creative ideas.

Focus On Understanding Various Cultures at a local level in order to go global

Instructors Experienced in Cross-cultural Training and Working with Teams of All Sizes

Bromberg’s Multicultural Language Solutions

Cultural Awareness:
Key for Global Business

El mundo está más conectado que nunca, lo cual nos pone en contacto con personas de diferentes etnias, idiomas y culturas a diario. Las empresas globales necesitan tener una mentalidad y estrategias globales en todo lo que hacen, ya que crear grandes relaciones de negocios con clientes o socios extranjeros puede ser el siguiente gran paso. Para alcanzar nuevos mercados, es crucial comprender su cultura, sus creencias y sus necesidades. 

Attention to this kind of detail can really make a difference when working with new business partners, clients, or employees worldwide. We can offer cultural awareness training programs for your organization on doing business overseas and navigating cultural matters both abroad and for ethnic populations at home.  

Aquí hay un ejemplo de una de las guías:

in Chinese culture, a gift should always be presented or given to the recipient using both hands as a sign of respect. This practice is rooted in the idea of wholeheartedness and sincere respect towards the recipient. It is an indication of the giver’s complete willingness to offer the gift and emphasizes the importance placed on relationships and respect in Chinese culture.  It’s culturally expected that the person receiving a gift will refuse the gift once or twice out of politeness before accepting it, but encouragement to accept the gift from the giver is also a cultural norm. This tradition is based on the Chinese cultural principle of humility and modesty, ensuring the recipient does not appear greedy or overly eager. 

In a business context, these practices are not just symbolic rituals but are fundamental to building trust and fostering strong business relationships. When doing business in China or with Chinese associates, following these etiquette rules shows your respect for their culture, and signals that you value the relationship. It shows that you’ve taken the time to understand their customs, which can significantly enhance mutual trust, improve communication, and strengthen business partnerships. By understanding these cultural nuances, you’re more likely to succeed in a global business environment. 

Conciencia cultural en la oficina

A team rich in cultural awareness can infuse your company with plenty of vibrant ideas and innovative solutions. With guidance from our adept instructors, achieving cultural sensitivity and effective cross-cultural communication becomes a straightforward journey, propelling your team’s performance to new heights. 

Recognizing the importance of Cultural Awareness is key to nurturing a positive work environment. Every day, your multilingual team brings a diverse array of experiences to the table. If these unique backgrounds are overlooked, it could impact the company’s culture, potentially dampening team morale and productivity. 

Remember, language differences aren’t the sole potential source of communication barriers. Even within the same language, cultural nuances can vary significantly. Take Spanish, for instance: it’s widely spoken across the LATAM market and other parts of the world, yet cultural interpretations and language usage can differ remarkably. 

By fostering cultural awareness, you equip your team to navigate these nuances effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration regardless of cultural or linguistic diversity.

Nuestra capacitación en conciencia cultural le dará a sus empleados las herramientas para navegar de forma eficiente cualquier diferencia cultural y lingüística, lo cual lo beneficiará tanto a usted como a su organización.


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