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7th Annual Paczki | Run As Told by our Brombergians

7th Annual Paczki Run: As Told by our Brombergians

Bromberg & Associates is a proud sponsor of this year’s 7th Annual Packzi Run hosted by Tour de Troit on March 2nd!

The 7th Annual Packzi Run  featured a 5K tour around the city of Hamtramck, soon followed by paczki, beer & polka available for all participants at the finish line. All local businesses were encouraged to participate as sponsors and/or runners as the proceeds from this event are used to improve Hamtramck’s parks and greenways.

Fellow Brombergians Jessica Yaacomb and Aaron von Allmen braved the chilly temperatures this past weekend and represented the company well! I recently sat down with both to gain their perspective of participating in this event:

Translation Department Manager Jessica Yaacomb and Scheduling Coordinator Aaron von Allmen were both participants in the 7th Annual Paczki Run held in Hamtramck.

How did you feel to be representing Bromberg & Associates at this year’s Packzi Run? 

Jessica: It was a great event and I was so proud to say that Bromberg was a sponsor. I am glad we participated.

Aaron: To be fair, I was in it for the beer.

How long did it take you to finish?

Jessica: 46 minutes and 7 seconds

Aaron: 58 minutes

Did you feel like you struggled at all?

Jessica: I struggled alright, but made it! I’ve never participated in a race like this so it was pretty challenging! I’m still pretty sore even after almost a full week 🙂

Aaron: There was A LOT of struggle as it was very cold that day. My lungs were not prepared to be breathing in the cold air, so the majority of the run turned into a walk.

How prepared were you for an event like this?

Jessica: Not prepared at all. I played the Beat Saber video game for 10 minutes the night before, that was my only preparation.

Aaron: No comment… (grimaces).

Describe your favorite memory during the actual race.

Jessica: My favorite memory of the Paczki Run was seeing all the people who were cheering us on at every mile. Experiencing that really helped motivate us to keep on pushing through to the finish line.

Aaron: For me, the actual race itself wasn’t all that memorable. Although it was nice to be able to run in the streets of Hamtramck, I was ready for the beer and paczki (laughs).

Describe your favorite moment from the event.

Jessica: My favorite moment was making it to the finish line and seeing Jinny and my boyfriend waiting for us and looking really proud!

Aaron: FREE BEER!! And the awesome discounts on local goods. I definitely took advantage of both 🙂

As a side note, Bromberg & Associates’ President, Jinny Bromberg was also in attendance at the event. She waited at the finish line to congratulate both Jessica and Aaron. As it turns out, just a few seconds before Jessica finished her race, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer completed hers as well.

Jinny recalled,

“The crowd at the finish line with me were cheering for both of them – probably more so for the Governor, but I was cheering loudly for Jessica!”

When Jessica discovered this, I asked what she thought of her chances of a head-to-head race against Gov. Whitmer,

“I think I could beat her in a rematch, but I will need some time to recover from this race (laughs)!”

We may be gearing up for a some friendly competition in next year’s Paczki Run!

Check out these pictures from the event:

Hamtramck Mayor Karen Majewski (red scarf) and Governor Gretchen Whitmer (grey shirt)










It’s always good to stretch before a big run!
“Runners on your mark…”
These runners were leading the pack through the city of Hamtramck
And now for the main attraction…
“It was pretty cold but I was happy to be representing Bromberg!” -Jessica


Jessica and a very content Aaron celebrate the completion of the 7th Annual Paczki Run




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