Gateway to Access

Gateway to Access A state-of-the-art Video Remote Interpreting platform. Our Services Expertise in Over 200 Languages End-to-End Solutions State-of-the-Art Equipment How it works VRI Gateway is the online hub for a global network of hundreds of highly qualified interpreters assembled in partnership with Bromberg & Associates, an interpreter-owned language solutions company with nearly twenty years […]

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The Hidden Costs of Poor Quality Language Services: A Closer Look at Its Impact on Organizations

Reading time: 4 mins  |  Word Count: 1,269   In the United States, a mosaic of cultures and languages, effective communication is critical for the seamless operation of both government and non-government organizations. However, despite the country’s linguistic diversity, there’s still a significant gap in adequate language access. This is a serious concern that has […]

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Web Accessibility

Web Accessibility Our Services Expertise in Over 200 Languages End-to-End Solutions State-of-the-Art Equipment Let’s build an inclusive culture with our web accessibility services Making the internet accessible is our top priority. Accessibility is not just “another service,” a means to an end, or a legal checkbox. It’s a crucial culture shift for an inclusive society. […]

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Unlock Virtual Accessibility: Steps Every School Should Follow!

In today’s digital age, virtual learning has become the norm for many schools. While this offers many benefits, it also presents some challenges, especially for students with special needs. Virtual accessibility is essential for ensuring that all students have the same opportunities to learn and succeed.  What is Virtual Accessibility?  Virtual accessibility refers to the […]

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Multilingual Event Management

Multilingual Event Management Our Services Expertise in Over 200 Languages End-to-End Solutions State-of-the-Art Equipment In our ever-globalizing world, events are no longer constrained by language barriers. Whether you’re organizing an international conference, corporate meeting, webinar, or cultural festival, ensuring effective communication is the key to your success. Bromberg & Associates offers Multilingual Event Management services, […]

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Language Consulting Services

Language Consulting Services Approach Any Language Project with Confidence   Schedule Your Free Consultation Higher Rankings Increased Global Reach Cultural Relevance Services Language Consulting Services Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Language Services? It’s a question that many organizations grapple with. You’ve invested in language services, but how can you be sure you’re getting […]

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