Bridging Cultures and Languages: The Power of Remote Interpreting Services

Reading time: 3 mins 2 secs  |  Word Count: 960   Introduction  In our increasingly globalized world, the importance of seamless communication across diverse cultures and languages cannot be stressed enough. However, language barriers have historically posed significant challenges in many sectors, from business and healthcare to tourism and international relations. Language services, such as […]

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AI-Powered Language Services: Navigating the Pros and Cons

As society advances towards a more automated future, the potential benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more apparent. We are starting to recognize its potential to revolutionize various fields, offering increased efficiency, productivity, and improved quality of life. However, we cannot ignore the potential impact and risks associated with this powerful technology […]

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Why are Interpreters Important in Health and Social Care? 

Interpreting information from one language to another takes a lot more than just being bilingual. It takes years of learning the profession of interpreting, practicing, and being a part of the culture to fully comprehend its language and become a professional high-quality interpreter.    Who is an Interpreter? How does an Interpreter Work?   An […]

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Contact Us Federal Buyer and Sub-Contractors Bromberg & Associates is a leading provider of comprehensive multilingual solutions to federal, state, and local governments. We work with a pool of 4,000 professional interpreters and translators globally to cover the entire linguistic and cultural landscape, from interpreting and translating to cultural awareness training and compliance consulting.  We support more than […]

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What is Language Access & Why Does Your Organization Need It?

What is Language Access & Why Does Your Organization Need It? Language access is the availability of information in a language of and that is understandable to the intended audience. From significantly improving customer experience and communication to increased market share, implementing language access in your organization can provide a number of benefits. Before we […]

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For the end of 2022, the U.S. Justice Department Reveals Two New Language Access Developments for Law Enforcement Agencies

As 2022 ends, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced two new language access developments concerning law enforcement agencies. First, DOJ launched a new Law Enforcement Language Access Initiative (LELAI), which DOJ described as a “nationwide campaign to assist law enforcement agencies and departments” in complying with their language access obligations to provide limited English […]

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