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Connect with our professional on-demand interpreters for phone interpreting in over 200 languages

Phone Interpreting Services, is an on-demand professional telephone interpretation service in over 200 languages and is also called Over-the-Phone interpreting or OPI, it is a convenient service that lets you connect to an interpreter remotely when you need one.

Gateway is an easy-to-use app that provides remote access to professional over the phone interpreters, in more than 200 languages, with an average connection time of less than 30 seconds. Gateway’s phone interpreting solution provides you with the highest quality over the phone interpreting service, while being customizable to your exact needs.

You can access this service with a toll-free phone number and with an app.

How our phone interpreting services work

Our remote phone interpreters are available anytime, 24/7/365. We offer subscription plans so you can have direct access to remote interpreters, with on demand interpreters of widely requested languages, such as Spanish, Arabic and Chinese, as well as languages of lesser diffusion, such as Burmese, Hmong and Dari. Also, you can pre-schedule a telephonic interpreter for very rare languages, like Kaba, Mam or Marshallese.

Our top Phone Interpreting offers you:

  • Connection to a remote interpreter with just one phone call 
  • HIPAA compliance, security, speed of access and reliability of service 
  • Phone interpreting via our app for PCs, mobile phones or via a toll-free phone number 

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Our Company’s OPI Solution is the best in the market

We have years of experience with language and interpreting services, with a team of professional interpreters specifically trained to provide phone language assistance. Bromberg has developed OPI app that delivers reliable, fast and stable connection, clear voice and sound quality and offers rates that will suit your needs.

With 200 languages available, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Kinyarwanda, Pashto, French, you can take advantage of real time conversations over the phone with high quality remote interpreting.

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Phone Interpreting Services that suit your needs, anytime and everywhere

Our network of over the phone interpreters can assist you with real time remote interpreting for any conversation needed. Our remote interpreting solution is suitable for:

  • Call center communications 
  • Doctors’ appointments 
  • School meetings 
  • Office meetings 

Have the right language assistance when needed.

Connect with our Over-the-Phone interpreters today. 

What our Phone Interpreting clients are saying

“Your Linguistic Resources for Medical and Legal interpreters in different languages are very helpful for our students. We are looking forward for long cooperation with your company and for your new products.”

Lana Gurbouzov

Language Services Coordinator, Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County

“They work with many highly skilled translators and interpreters. Their interpreters are also well versed in interpreter ethics and are very professional. I would recommend Bromberg to anyone in need of translation or interpreting services.”

Leo G

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