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Jinny Bromberg


Estefania Alberto

Bilingual Interpreting Scheduling Specialist

Moheeb (Peter) Al-Chona

Compliance Manager

Jessica Yaacoub

Technology Implementation Manager

Danielle Korzhenyak

Content Researcher

Carly Priehs

Proposal Writing Specialist

Elena O`Halloran

Junior Translation Project Manager

Katie Lawler

Interpreting Services Coordinator

Elena Veselova

Talent Acquisition Manager

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About Bromberg & Associates

Bromberg & Associates was established in 1999 by its president and founder, Jinny Bromberg, the first (and for many years only) court-certified Russian interpreter in the State of Michigan. The company quickly grew from a basement start-up to an award-winning internationally recognized language solutions provider.

Bromberg & Associates provides services in more than 200 languages and works with a pool of 4,000 professional interpreters and translators to cover the entire linguistic and cultural landscape, from interpreting and translating to cultural awareness  training and compliance consulting. Bromberg & Associates is a DBE, WBE and WOSB certified business and a GSA Federal Supply Schedule Award holder.

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Jinny Bromberg

Jinny Bromberg


Jinny started her career in the language industry early on in life and has always been passionate about different languages, cultures, and communication access. She began Bromberg from her basement in 1999 and developed the business as a single mom – holding her baby daughter with one arm while talking on the phone with the other.

Jinny has traveled to many countries and says that the world is too beautiful to pick only one favorite place. She can get by in Georgian and Ukrainian, and would like to learn ASL, because “it’s very expressive”. Her favorite pastime is jet skiing.

Jinny’s favorite quote about translation is “Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes” by Gunter Grass.

Jinny is the first state-certified Russian interpreter in Michigan. She creates and implements training courses and workshops for developing and enhancing the skills of interpreters and translators.

Her strongest quality is tenacity. She is a workaholic whose favorite thing about her job is having never-ending opportunities to learn, as well as seeing the passion of people who are in this industry.

If she was the world leader, she would first change language access and language learning policies and attitudes.

Estefania Alberto
Bilingual Interpreting Scheduling Specialist

Estefania is from Argentina and moved the US almost 6 years ago. She came to United States working as an Au Pair so she could improve her English and once home, she would finish her studies and receive her ESL teaching degree. However, she stayed in the country and continued her studies here. She obtained an Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts at OCC and recently graduated from Eastern Michigan University, where she majored in Language and International Careers and minored in International Business. Before graduation, she did an internship in well-known immigration law firm of the area and this introduced her to the translation and interpretation fields. She recently joined Bromberg & Associates working as a Bilingual Interpreting Scheduling Specialist. Her favorite part of the job is to connect clients and consumers and to assist people to better understand each other.

Estefania loves being outdoors and her favorite past times are dancing salsa and bachata, going to the movie theater, watching How I Met Your Mother and traveling.

Her favorite quote about language is “To have Another Language is to Possess a Second Soul”.

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Video Remote Interpreting Manager

Moheeb was born in Bartella, a Syriac Christian town in the Nineveh valley in northern Iraq. He attended the Dept. of Mathematics at Salahaddin University in Erbil, even though he wasn’t good at math and was more interested in learning French in addition to his good English.

Moheeb used to love spending time with his family while visiting Mar Mattai Monastery, one of his favorite old monasteries and tourist sites. The monastery is close to his town and lies on top of a mountain. It was built on the 4th century and has a magnificent view over the surrounding villages. The mountain contains a number of hermitages that date back to the 4th and 5th century AD.

In Iraq, Moheeb worked with the U.S. army as an interpreter for 7 years (2003-2010). It was a dangerous, yet interesting experience that enhanced his English as well as his cultural knowledge of Iraqi customs and traditions.

Moheeb’s mother tongue is Syriac (Neo-Aramaic), which is known in Michigan as Chaldean and is derived from Aramaic with slight differences. He also speaks Arabic.

His favorite sport is soccer, which he has been practicing since the age of six. He also likes ping pong and basketball. His favorite movies are sci-fi movies and romantic comedies.

Moheeb moved with his family to the United States in September 2012, and started working at Bromberg in June 2013. He likes his job through which he meets different people every day, and feels very happy to be able to provide language services and assist many people that are mostly new to this country and need help. 

Jessica Yaacoub

Technology Implementation Specialist

Jessica was born in Lebanon the year the civil war ended. Her family moved to the United States in 2009 seeking a better life. She is so passionate about languages and found English to be fascinating and wanted to learn everything there is to know. She majored in Linguistics at Wayne State University and later on decided to pursue a double major in Computer Science.

Jessica has traveled to different parts of the world, most of the Middle East, parts of Europe and recently she went to the West Caribbean. Jessica’s favorite place remains her country of birth, Lebanon. Her love for languages has led her to learn and Master 3 languages including, Arabic, French and English. She says that French is her favorite out of the Three because it is the most expressive in her opinion.

Jessica’s Favorite pastime hobby is scuba diving. She got certified 3 years ago and has since fallen in love with the underwater world. She has gone shipwreck diving in the Great lakes, the largest body of fresh water in the world, she has also seen the famous “West Wall” of corals in the Grand Cayman Islands.

Jessica’s favorite quote about language is “Language is the armory of the human mind, and at once contains the trophies of its past and the weapons of its future conquests.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Working at Bromberg has been everything Jessica hoped it would be. Her favorite thing about working here is being able to problem solve and be creative while developing various skills along the way. Knowing that this industry is making a difference in breaking language barriers is her main motivation.

If she was the world leader, she would remove borders. The world would look a lot different if we were not separated by boundaries that we have created.


Content Researcher

Danielle’s strongest quality is her knowledge of languages, she speaks English, Russian, Spanish and French. She is studying Languages and International Relations at American University in Washington D.C., and planning to major in Journalism and Communications with a Foreign Language and Minor in French.

Danielle has been to Seville, Spain and loved the vibrancy of the culture and the fine-tasting food as well.

If Danielle could learn any other language, she would learn ASL, because she has always been fond of the intricacy and attention to detail within the language.

Danielle loves to dance and once dreamed of owning her own dance studio. Although Danielle works remotely for Bromberg, she loves the community of people and how they are always a phone call away to help whenever she needs it. Communication is one of the strongest features of the company.

In order to be a leader, you need to know how to follow first, and Danielle is learning a lot of new skills from her advanced coworkers.

Carly Priehs

Proposal Writing Specialist

Carly was born and raised in metro Detroit, and graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Communications and Public Relations. After college, she spent two and a half years living and traveling abroad. She spent a year each living in Australia and New Zealand, working and traveling along the way. She has also spent time in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and visited many countries in Europe. Out of all the places she’s been, her favorite place is at home with her friends and family.  Some of Carly’s favorite things are travel, trivia, crosswords, reading, and embroidery. She has a life-long goal of one day appearing on Jeopardy


Junior Translation Project Manager

Elena was born in Galway, a small city in the west of Ireland. She graduated from the University of Limerick with a degree in International Studies and Spanish and holds a master’s Degrees in Translation and Interpretation.

Elena is passionate about everything related to languages and education, which took her as far as Mexico, where she moved in her teens and lived, worked and studied for almost a decade as a legal translator and teacher.

In her free time, Elena’s favorite things are exercise and she practices both running and powerlifting. She is part of a powerlifting team and finds it to be the perfect physical balance to compliment a mentally demanding profession in languages. Elena also considers herself to be an undercover Mexican food critic and is yet to find Pozole, Micheladas and Cochinita that is better than her mother-in-law’s.

Elena holds a special place in her heart for legal translation, as this is where her career started out. However, she is also very interested in continuously exploring new areas and is excited to see how the translator role is adapting and will continue to develop in the future. Learning new things is something which she is very enthusiastic to have been able to develop in her role at Bromberg. Elena’s passion for learning languages was ignited once again due to the constant interaction with different languages on a day-to-day basis at Bromberg and has since started to learn Italian, something she hopes to master as well as her Spanish in the coming years.


Administrative Support Specialist

Katie Lawler is a recent graduate from Eastern Michigan University. She majored in Spanish with a minor in Teaching English as a Second Language. She has worked as a freelance tutor for the past four years as and has a passion for helping others learn language. In the summer of 2012, Katie studied abroad in Avila, Spain while attending the University of Salamanca. She was able to visit the cities of Segovia, Salamanca, Toledo and Madrid and even London, England; when she wasn’t studying and spending time with her wonderful host family who she still keeps in touch with.

In her free time, Katie loves to play the guitar, draw and paint, read books, write short stories and watch The Office. She also really enjoys history, traveling and being a wine, beer and coffee snob. Katie looks forward to using her skills and growing with the team at Bromberg & Associates. Her favorite thing about Bromberg & Associates is being able to work with professionals from multiple language backgrounds and cultures.

Her favorite quote about language is “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. –Nelson Mandela-. If she were a world leader and could change one thing about the world, she would work to end world hunger. So much food goes to waste every day and there has to be a way to make it more accessible to those in need.


Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Often it’s not we who shape words, but the words we use that shape us”

-Nina George, German writer

Elena Veselova was born in Leningrad, currently St. Petersburg, the so-called Northern Capital of Russia. Elena developed her passion for traveling, meeting new people, and learning different cultures when she was young. Her father was in the military which meant the family had to move from one place to another every few years.  Elena visited and lived in more than 25 countries and she will never get tired of traveling. In the future, Elena plans to travel to Central and South America. For that reason, she plans to learn Spanish in addition to her native Russian, English, German, and Ukrainian.

Elena graduated from Minsk State Linguistic University with Master’s Degree in English and German language teaching. In 2012 she took additional Human Resources course at Belarussian National Technical University, and since then she has been developing her career in recruiting.

What Elena values the most about being a part of the Bromberg & Associates family is that working here gives her another opportunity to meet new people, representatives of different cultures, ethnicities and religions within the team and among the candidates, and all of them are bright, friendly and unique. Besides traveling Elena enjoys spending time with her family and reading.

Elena`s favorite quote is that by Abraham Lincoln:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

If Elena were a world leader she will put more focus on finding and developing renewable sources of energy before Earth’s  energy become irreversibly depleted and eliminating such negative issues as hunger, illiteracy and environmental pollution.

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