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Telephone Interpreting Services

Our Telephonic Interpreting Services offer professional, on-demand telephone interpretation in over 200 languages. Often referred to as Over-the-Phone Interpreting or OPI, this service provides a hassle-free solution for connecting with an interpreter remotely whenever you need one. 

Experience the convenience of Gateway, our user-friendly app that provides remote access to professional over-the-phone interpreters. Available in more than 200 languages, Gateway guarantees swift connectivity with an average connection time of under 30 seconds. In addition to its superior quality, Gateway’s telephonic interpreting solution can be tailored to meet your precise requirements. 

This service can be accessed either through a toll-free phone number or our Gateway app, offering maximum flexibility. 

I remember one time while working on a project at a mass vaccination center, a lady that spoke Vietnamese was so happy that we provided an over-the-phone interpreter to assist her, that she hugged me.  Veronica Toda (VRI/OPI Coordinator)  

Our Top Telephone Interpreting Offers you:

Connection to a Remote Interpreter with Just One Phone Call

HIPAA Compliance


Speed of Access

Reliability of Service

Telephonic Interpreting Via Our App for PCs

Via Mobile Phones or Via a Toll-free Phone Number

Available Anytime, 24/7/365

How our phone interpreting services work

Our remote phone interpreters are readily accessible around the clock, offering their expertise 24/7/365. We offer subscription plans for direct, on-demand access to interpreters proficient in over languages. This includes frequently requested languages such as Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese, as well as languages of lesser diffusion like Burmese, Hmong, and Dari. For exceptionally rare languages such as Kaba, Mam, or Marshallese, interpreters can be pre-scheduled to ensure their availability when you need them. 

Our Remote Interpreting Solution is Suitable For:

Call Center Communications

Doctors’ Appointments

School Meetings

Office Meetings




Business Negotiations

Our Company’s OPI Solution is the best in the market

Every day, we take pride in being a crucial ally for organizations seeking to foster inclusivity, regardless of language, culture, or ability. 

With years of experience in language and interpreting services, our team of professional interpreters is specifically trained to provide telephonic interpreting services. They adeptly navigate the complexities of our nation’s linguistic diversity, transforming it into a potent asset for your business. 

As one of the leading providers of over-the-phone interpretation, we have a vast network of over 4,000 highly skilled interpreters ready to assist on-demand and on a prescheduled basis. This ensures we can scale our services to your needs, regardless of their magnitude or unpredictability. Our proprietary OPI app delivers fast, reliable, and stable connections with clear voice and sound quality, all at rates tailored to fit your budget. 

With 200 languages at your disposal, including Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Kinyarwanda, Pashto, Ukrainian and French, language barriers are eliminated, and you can engage in real-time conversations over the phone. 

Have the right language assistance when needed.
Connect with our Over-the-Phone interpreters today.

Ensure you have the appropriate language support when it matters most. Connect with us to set up an account for Over-the-Phone interpreting today. 


What Our Customers Are Saying​​

Had to obtain the services of an interpreter on 48 hours notice. Bromberg & Associates located a translator for Farsi, coordinated everything and allowed mediation to proceed as planned. Translator was very good, patient and knowledgeable about legal proceedings and concepts.

Elizabeth Silverman

The best in interpreting!!!

Vic Lupu

Bromberg & Associates


At Bromberg, we’ve made it our mission to provide professional language services that leave a lasting impression. We speak your language to convey your message to the world. 

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