Bromberg Blog: Five Best Language Learning Apps in 2018

Five Best Language Learning Apps

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Perhaps, you are in the mood to learn a new language. You might be interested in traveling and want to pick up a language to be as immersed as possible with your new surroundings. Or you want to advance your career with a newly developed skill. Either way, there are an array of new language learning apps and platforms for learning foreign languages. Here is a compilation of a few language learning apps I have personally used and find to be a great help no matter what level you find yourself at.

So, which are the best language learning apps? Duolingo, HelloTalk, Babbel, TripLingo and VidaLingua are on our top five list. Here is why:


This app is the popular, savvy, staple of mobile language learning apps which now has over 200 million users worldwide. With 25 languages offered on the platform, Duolingo’s versatility and ease of use makes this app a popular choice; whether you want to brush up on your French or take on the challenge of learning a completely new language. Duolingo educates users of the platform with the aid of translation exercises which allow the user to translate simple phrases, both written and orally.

As I am studying abroad in Madrid, my Spanish is taken care of, but I want to continue improving my French. Duolingo has provided another outlet to continue learning my languages. Another thing to note is that Duolingo courses are created by native speakers themselves, perhaps giving rise to less spoken languages.


No fear, your native speaker is here! HelloTalk aims to facilitate real-life conversations by providing users with native speakers. The learning app provides users with native speakers and allows them to converse with each other through text or voice messages, thus building up their conversation, as well as reading and writing skills. HelloTalk conversations are more akin to tutoring sessions, with native speakers able to correct mistakes users might make. Additionally, HelloTalk has a built in text to voice option which helps the user understand how to pronounce any of the phrases received or sent.

With over 8 million users to chat with and over 150 languages provided, HelloTalk is your new way of learning a foreign language!


What some may call the cousin of Duolingo, Babbel offers 13 languages with 40 classes. This language learning app features step-by-step vocabulary lessons with image aides. As the user learns the vocabulary, Babbel’s internal system adjusts to the user’s level, which allows the user to improve their comprehension of the language to utilize in everyday conversations. Apart from the mobile app, you can also utilize Babbel on your desktop, as it includes small cultural notes along with the foreign language you are learning. What makes Babbel even more interactive is that you can start from any level whether novice or intermediate, and it will adjust to accommodate learning your desired skills.


As it is written in the name, TripLingo is an language learning app geared towards travelers, who want to brush up on the necessary language skills before traveling to said country. Whether it’s Spain’s most frequently used saying, “no pasa nada” or asking where the nearest bank is in Russian, TripLingo not only builds your language skills, but also your cultural awareness. TripLingo’s lessons are divided into different sections, such as slang words or phrases used in business meetings. The courses compliment the user for certain settings or situations they might find themselves in the foreign country and allocate vocabulary to those specific sections. Best part? It has a built-in voice translator for use in situations where a real life interpreter would be better suited, such as problems with a credit card or if you need to ask a stranger for directions.

VidaLingua’s Spanish Translator & Dictionary +

As their motto states, “language is living”, so it’s no surprise that their mission is to bring language learning apps to life. At its core, VidaLingua’s Spanish English Dictionary + is an comprehensive language dictionary app designed to allow users easy access to its impressive glossary of terms and everyday phrases.

The beauty of the Spanish English Dictionary + is the virtual experience the user experiences. When a user snaps a photo of a brochure or record someone pronouncing the word, you are able to create your dictionary by adding all and any words. By adding your own examples, you can tailor your experience to exactly what you need, whether it be business, medical, or legal related. With over 5 million users, VidaLingua is growing as a community based environment where users can create and share content as they learn.

By using any of these Five Language Learning apps, you should be able to improve your foreign language comprehension skills in order to communicate well with other non-native language speakers. Bromberg & Associates offers language training courses designed to enhance specific skills such as oral communication, reading, writing, pronunciation and accent modification. These courses are offered for both group and individual settings and can be tailored to meet specific business or personal needs. Be sure to contact us today to learn how we can help you meet your language learning goals.

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