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The last few years have been some of the toughest in education to date, with school staffing shortages being more prevalent than ever before. 

According to a nationally representative survey conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics, 44% of all schools report having full or part-time teacher vacancies. Out of those schools with vacancies, special education had the highest vacancies, leading the charge at 45%. 

These staffing issues are disrupting day-to-day school operations and impacting student learning, especially when it comes to special education. Students with learning disabilities and accessibility requirements need accessible services to help them make educational progress. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly 7 million students in the U.S. make up 14% of national public-school enrollment requiring accessibility services.

So, what can your school district do about these school staffing shortages? 
Tap into the latest innovative resources, such as – ASL On-Site and Online Services.

Through ASL On-Site and Online Services, your school district will have access to qualified and certified linguists to support the unique needs of your students.

Not only are you meeting the needs of your students, but you are also providing them with some of the best professionals in the nation to help:

  • Manage your standard speech and language and occupational therapy caseloads. 
  • Deliver effective and efficient behavioral, academic and cognitive assessments. 
  • Interpret ASL in multiple settings.  
  • In addition to American Sign Language, get support in multiple languages other than English. 

What does a sign language interpreter do?

A sign language interpreter, specifically in the school setting, allows students who are deaf or hard of hearing to understand the spoken language and succeed with it and allows the teachers and others to understand the students that communicate using sign language too.  Sign language interpreters, also known as SLIs, can operate in either a group setting or in a one-on-one environment. Besides knowing sign language, SLIs are expected to excel in listening, memorizing, and communicating.

Benefits of an online sign language interpreter for schools

Having video remote interpreting services for your school has some very unique benefits that make it an especially effective method of interpretation. The technology allows for constant connection between a student and their SLI while being less intrusive than in-person interpreting, so other students are less distracted. On top of that, using remote sign language interpreters increases your pool of qualified applicants and removes physical location as an obstacle to providing accessibility services.

How does Bromberg´s Video Remote Interpreting services work?

The American Sign Language Services we provide to virtual schools nationwide include:

  • Video remote interpretation.
  • Interpreting recorded videos and written text.
  • On-site interpretation for testing, field trips, and special events.
  • A wide variety of Speech-to-text services.
  • Compliance consulting and implementation.
  • Language proficiency assessment services.
  • Professional Development for staff
  • Tutoring/language classes for staff, parents, and students

Why sign with Bromberg?

  • Nearly 25 years Breaking Down language and cultural barriers.
  • Experience working with many virtual schools nationwide.
  • Nationally & State certified interpreters.
  • Expertise in remote interpreting.
  • Custom project management integration with your educational team.
  • Secure an In-house video remote interpreting platform or an option to use your own platforms, such as Newrow, Blackboard, Zoom, and more.

Wherever your school or district is located, support from a qualified, experienced ASL interpreter can help your students and their families reach a world of new opportunities, possibilities, and untapped potential. Contact your ASL Interpreter Now!

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