Multicultural Awareness Training Programs

Bromberg’s Multicultural Awareness Training Programs provide experienced instructors in cross-cultural training and working with teams of all sizes.

Multicultural Awareness Training Programs are about acknowledging and embracing diversity, as well as similarities between cultures and societies. Our Multicultural Awareness Programs & Services will provide you and your company with the proper tools to bridge cultural and communication gaps.

As language and culture professionals and educators, we provide training, resources and knowledge for your organization to successfully work with other cultures. Exploring one’s cultural biases and learning about cultural norms, etiquette, traditions and best practices is key for developing successful global businesses, as well as establishing a healthy and productive multicultural workforce.

Our Cultural Awareness Training features:

  • Focus on understanding various cultures at a local level in order to go global

  • Instructors experienced in cross-cultural training and working with teams of all sizes

  • Bromberg’s multicultural language solutions

Cultural Awareness: Key for Global Business

The world is more connected than ever before, which brings us into contact with people of different ethnicities, languages, and cultures daily. Global companies need a global mindset and approach in everything they do, as creating great business relationships with foreign clients or partners can mean the next big step. In order to reach new markets, it’s vital to understand their culture, beliefs and needs.

Attention to this kind of detail can really make a difference when working with new business partners worldwide. We can offer cultural awareness training programs for your organization on doing business overseas and navigating cultural matters both abroad and for ethnic populations at home. Start with our customized country guides with in-depth information ranging from cultural beliefs and superstitions to business etiquette.

Expand your global business

Here is an example from one of the guides:

in Chinese culture a gift should always be presented or given to the recipient using both hands as a sign of respect. It’s culturally expected that the person receiving a gift will refuse the gift once or twice out of politeness before accepting, but encouragement to accept the gift from the giver is also a cultural norm.

Cultural Awareness in the Office

A culturally aware team can add more fresh ideas and solutions to your company. Cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural communication will be easier to achieve with lessons from our professional instructors, your guides for achieving the best performance of your teams. Cultural Awareness is vital to fostering a positive work environment, as your multilingual team brings their varied experiences to the office every day. If not considered and addressed, it can have impact on the company culture and team morale and productivity. Your staff don’t even have to speak different languages for communication barriers to be a potential challenge. For instance, while Spanish is spoken in most of the LATAM market and in other parts of the world, their culture and usage of the language varies significantly.

A diverse work team can
increase productivity,
problem solving skills and
the flow creative ideas

culturally diverse team
world cultural awareness

The same words in Spanish can mean completely different things, as for example “dale”, which means something is “OK” in Argentina, Chile and Colombia, won´t be understood by most people in Spain. In a work environment, examples like this can lead to mistakes in approval processes. Being aware of such differences will help you to establish better relationships with your multicultural team.

deaf hard of hearing awareness

However, Cultural Awareness is not just related to various locales and to different spoken languages. In Deaf culture, for instance, people tend to be more blunt and direct when expressing themselves in comparison with the American mainstream culture. Something that may be referred in English using a euphemism, can be stated literally by sign language speakers.

Our cultural awareness training will give your employees the tools to effectively navigate any cultural and linguistic differences, which will be beneficial for both you and your organization.

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