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Our Multilingual Staffing & HR Services!

Are you looking to hire globally? Does your business need to recruit bilingual or multilingual staff to offer top quality and comprehensive services? Bromberg’s multilingual HR assessment team has experience in all the steps of remote recruitment processes: selection of candidates, resume and profile filtering, remote job interviewing, language and skills tests, as well as personality questionaries.

Our pool of specialized human resources team can help your company find the best bilingual and multilingual job candidates. Hiring processes can be quite complex today, as the demand for employees who are proficient in English and in another language has been increasing over the last years. As remote work and multicultural teams have become the new standard for many global businesses, your company can benefit from recruiting multilingual staff worldwide.

Our top Multilingual HR Services feature:

  • Consulting on the complete recruitment process

  • Language skills tests conducted by top language professionals

  • Experienced HR team with focus on multicultural and multilingual job searches

Bromberg’s HR Team has the Experience to Solve your Hiring Challenges

As we have been working with remote and multilingual interpreters and translators for over 20 years, we have a lot of experience in online multilingual recruiting:

  • We search for candidates in different online sources, in-country professional networks and multilingual job boards
  • Our extensive interview process includes language proficiency testing
  • We can help you find the right multilingual candidate in any field: administration, technology, finance, healthcare, pharmaceutics, IT, engineering, manufacturing and more

Recruit Multilingual Staff & grow your business

multilingual team workers

We are Language HR Professionals

At Bromberg & Associates, we are a multicultural company, with a multidisciplinary team present on all continents and an extensive network of language professionals worldwide.

The Advantages of Hiring Multilingual Staff

Hiring multilingual professionals allows your company and sales team to reach a wider global audience: clients, vendors and business partners. Multicultural and multilingual professionals can:

Answer your questions about global cultures and business practices.
Bring fresh ideas and solutions to your company
Provide multilingual customer care experience
Help you have a workforce ready for global business opportunities
Foster a diverse work environment
Help you benefit from remote work culture by hiring professionals worldwide

What our Clients are Saying

On behalf of the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau, I have used Bromberg & Associates on numerous occasions, and have always been impressed and completely satisfied with their work. Prompt customer service and communication is key when it comes to Bromberg’s employees. Their work is always flawless and is produced with a quick turnaround.

Dana Zolynsky
Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau

Bromberg & Associates staff was a pleasure to work with. This translation company had a great representation of professionalism and showed high level of work ethics. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs professional translation in a very reasonable time frame.

Oksana B. Moceri
Private client

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