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Federal civil rights laws have long arms

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Title VI of the Civil Rights Act (1964), for example, prohibits discrimination based on race, color, national origin and includes affirmative legal requirements for providing effective, quality language assistance to people who do not speak or read English.

More recently, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act now stipulates a number of new federal civil rights laws for healthcare. Section 1557 regulations, which became federal law in Spring 2016, include requirements for communicating with Limited English Proficient (LEP) people and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients.

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990)

The ADA requires state and local government offices and other businesses of various industries to accommodate people with physical disabilities. 

The ADA also requires that government and businesses provide language-based accommodations for people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind, or low vision.

How can These Rules and Regulations Affect you?

In practice, all of these federal laws can put you and your organizations at risk of a costly discrimination lawsuit or federal investigation if you are unaware of what the law requires you to do, for example, when a Limited English Proficient or Deaf and Hard of Hearing person walks through your front doors.

The risk is especially great for medical professionals, since malpractice insurance does not cover the cost of money damages awarded by courts for civil rights violations.

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That’s where we come in

With guidance from Federal Compliance Attorney Bruce Adelson – a former U.S. Department of Justice Senior Prosecutor and nationally recognized federal law expert – Bromberg & Associates hosts workshops, roundtable discussions, webinars, assessments, and consultations to help ensure that you and your organization are in compliance with federal law in order to protect you from costly legal action.

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