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Have an Interpreter by Your Side When you Need one

VRI Gateway is a dynamic and innovative Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) solution that allows you to immediately access an interpreter anytime, anywhere. It’s simple, secure and reliable. 

Gateway connects you with a highly qualified interpreter anywhere in the world; all you need is access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer and internet connection. All Gateway interpreters have experience in specialized settings like emergency rooms, courtrooms, business meetings, government offices, schools, and many other spaces where highly skilled interpreters are urgently needed.

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What the VRI Gateway App can do for you

• Eliminate the costs of on-site interpreting like travel time and mileage
• Use the VRI Gateway form anywhere with your personal computer, tablet, or mobile device
• Instant access to a global network of hundreds of highly qualified interpreters
• On-demand availability in top-volume languages (including American Sign Language)
• Pre-scheduled availability for less commonly spoken languages

VRI Gateway App Features

• Streamlined billing based on minutes used
• Annual and monthly subscription plans
• Electronic payment options
• Ability to register your own interpreters on VRI Gateway
• Robust reporting capabilities at your fingertips
• Live call monitoring for your management team
• A dedicated electronic form library for your organization
• Call recording (for non-medical encounters)
• Screen sharing
• Secure and HIPAA compliant
• 24/7/365 availability

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VRI Gateway is Simple, Secure, and Reliable

Bromberg & Associates has years of experience offering VRI service through Gateway, with special attention to each client’s individual needs. 

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