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Certified and Notarized Document Translation Services

Bromberg & Associates provides translation services into and from more than 200 languages, with special attention to cultural norms and dialectal nuances. We promptly respond to all of your language translation needs, providing you with an end result that is linguistically correct and culturally appropriate for your target audience.

We will carefully review your project and suggest best course of action. The vast majority of translations are completed by our expert human translators, with the assistance of innovative Computer Assisted Technology. Highly specialized marketing and advertising materials may require transcreation.

As a separate service we also provide Machine Translation with Human Post-Editing for specific content, such as technical manuals, general correspondence, legal documents and more.

We pay close attention to formatting to ensure it is in line with your original documents.

At the end this means that regardless the nature of your content your translations are completed and returned to you both quickly and accurately.

Translation Services Available for the Following

Healthcare Materials

Consent Forms | Discharge Instructions | Medical Prescriptions | Patient Charts


Medical Texts | Journals | Clinical Studies | Labels

Personal Documents

Birth Certifications | Marriage Licenses | Diplomas | Academic Transcripts | Adoption Contracts | Passports.

Legal Documents

Contracts | Briefings | Leases

E-learning content

Training Courses | Scripts and literary works | Infographics | Academic tests

Websites and Marketing Materials

Website Localization | Brochures | Business Cards | Banners | Sales Pages | Product Sheets | Ad Copy

Audio Video Transcripts

Television Content | Youtube Video | Podcast | Subtitles

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What our Clients are Saying

Bromberg & Associates was excellent to work with. Their response was prompt, their translations thorough, and their staff knowledgeable. They provided every document for review and once approved sent the notarized copies within 24 hours!

Kyle McCallister
Private client


Jinny and her staff are simply amazing. My items were completed quickly and most importantly accurately! I highly recommend them.

Kipenzi Chidinma




I cannot thank this agency enough for the awesome job. The people that work there are extremely helpful, easy to talk to, and reply to emails fast. The agency is willing to make as many corrections as you need, and they tell you how much it will cost right away. Their prices are really fair, and overall it was pleasant to work with them!

Amanda Sc

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