Education Language Services

Improve learning experiences and performance in class, for a better future with our educational interpreting and translation services. 

Premier Language Translation & Interpreting Services for Educational Institutions

No family should be in the dark about their child’s education because of a language barrier, instead, every student should have language access solutions for learning at their fingertips. Bromberg provides a wide range of expert language services for educational settings to help strengthen communication between educational institutions, teachers, their students and families. 

Bromberg has decades of experience in supporting educational institutions, including providing remote and on-site interpreting, document translation and various other linguistic and cultural services to a wide variety of school districts, colleges, universities, and training institutions. From translating diplomas and academic transcripts to providing VRI in a classrom or for an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) meeting, our expert language services provided by qualified and/or certified educational linguists help students reach their full potential. 

Our interpreting services for education

Language access in educational settings, such as schools and universities, is a legal requirement and is crucial to students’ success. Educational institutions need to guarantee educational equity, so that every student and their family has the support they need to be successful.

Bromberg’s interpreting services support language access in schools and universities across the nation. We regularly provide ASL interpreters for virtual schools, Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and faculty with qualified ASL interpreters in their classes, either in-person, remote 3rd party video platform, such as Zoom or Teams, or through our state-of-the-art Video Remote Interpreting app, Gateway. Bromberg also supports communication with Limited English Proficient students and parents with interpreters for parent-teacher conferences, IEP meetings, and more.

Our translation services for education

At Bromberg & Associates we are specialists in translation of education–related content. The world we live in today is a connected one, where learning options and educational content are increasingly more available online and e-learning platforms are expanding. Having these educational resources at hand in different languages is something that students, parents and teachers need. As part of our educational language services, our company can expertly translate documents frequently required in schools and universities and other educational settings.

  • Report Cards
  • E-mail and newsletter communications
  • Enrollment forms
  • School announcements
  • Emergency Communication
  • Class schedules
  • Permission slips
  • After school club pamphlets
  • School bus schedules
  • Transcripts and Transcript Request Forms
  • Vaccination records
  • Financial Aid Documents
  • Student Services Information
  • Campus Information (security, maps, directories, etc.)
  • Registration information
  • Letters to parents
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