Medical Language Services

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Language access improves patients outcomes. It is also the law. Explore our medical language services!

Provide Quality Care in the Languages Your Patients Prefer!

Our company provides medical language services including translation and interpreting solutions for limited English proficient and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients, which are critical for the healthcare industry. Bromberg & Associates has been assisting hospital networks, physician offices, surgery centers, long term care facilities, mental health clinics, rehab facilities and other health care organizations with cost-effective medical language services and various other linguistic and cultural solutions for more than 20 years.

Whether you need Video Remote Interpreting for an emergency situation, a telephonic interpreter to set up a doctor´s appointment or translation of health records, Bromberg & Associates’ expert HIPAA-compliant medical language solutions will ensure meaningful language access and high-quality healthcare for all.

Our Interpreting Services in Health Care

Effective communication in health care settings is a legal requirement and critically important to mitigating risks and improving patient outcomes. With Bromberg’s ADA and HIPAA-compliant video remote interpreting application, Gateway, you can easily connect with a qualified and experienced language professional in seconds. All you need is internet access and a device to access a wide network of expert healthcare interpreters in hundreds of languages.

Our comprehensive suite of health care language services also includes on-site interpreting. Our network of medically qualified interpreters throughout the nation helps caregivers, doctors, nurses and other health care professionals communicate with patients in order to provide accurate explanations and diagnosis.

Studies show time and time again that professional interpreting services reduce readmission rates, reduce misdiagnosis, improve patient satisfaction with medical solutions, and allows for more effective treatment in general.

Translation of vital health documents

With our team of language professionals in more than 200 languages, Bromberg & Associates provides high-quality and efficient translation services for the health care industry for hospital networks, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment and clinical research institutions. Our vast and varied experience includes translating documents, such as:

  • Consent forms 
  • Discharge instructions 
  • Prescriptions 
  • Patient charts 
  • Medical texts
  • Journals
  • Clinical studies and trials
  • Labels
  • Medical devices instructions and specifications 

Healthcare Federal Compliance Consulting

Bromberg & Associates is also highly experienced in providing federal compliance consulting as it relates to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, and other federal regulations. Our expert guidance can help hospitals and other healthcare organizations avoid unnecessary legal risks.

Federal Compliance Consulting and Implementation
Get expert guidance on the latest federal regulations

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