Virtual Conference Interpreting Services

With our Virtual Conference Interpreting Services! Host globally accessible events and conferences virtually with professional virtual interpreters in more than 200 languages.

With our Virtual Conference Interpreting Services, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI) services, your company’s trainings, webinars and virtual conferences will be supported by qualified simultaneous interpreters and tech team, experienced in remote environments. Web based simultaneous interpretation gives your presenters and the audience the comfort of participating in a digitally hosted event in their own language in real time.

Our company provides remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) services in spoken languages and sign languages, to ensure high quality multilingual accessibility for your web conferences.

Our top 4 RSI Solution features:

  • Consulting to help you select the best solution for your remote event needs.

  • Interpreters experienced in virtual events and comfortable with technology

  • Custom setup according to your event’s needs

  • Technical support team available before and during your event

Bromberg & Associates remote simultaneous interpreting services can adjust to your online and hybrid event’s needs. Our interpreters can work with the online video conference platform of your company’s choice, such as Zoom, or you can request a complete custom RSI solution for your online event.

In today´s virtual world the number of online events, conferences and webinars has increased exponentially, as businesses take advantage of technology to boost their online presence, client engagement and activities. The Internet, alongside mobile connectivity and video conference applications took over as the new preferred way to provide lectures, conferences and even broadcast live interviews and speeches.

Provide multilingual online events from anywhere, in real time, staying true to your message

Our RSI solutions offer:

  • Experienced virtual conference interpreters, comfortable with virtual environment and technologies

  • Availability on Zoom and other RSI Platforms

  • We offer more than 200 languages, including ASL and other sign languages

  • Customized approach to selecting an RSI platform and setup, according to your online event’s needs

  • Multilingual web conference access from any device: mobile, desktop, IOS, Android, MS Windows

  • Expertise in a variety of fields and topics, from legal and medical to technical and automotive

With Bromberg's Remote Conference Interpreting Services you will:

  • Have professional web based remote real time interpreting

  • Increase language access and global reach of your online event

  • Improve attendance and subscriptions

  • Boost engagement: get more questions, chat messages and participant’s feedback

Receive a custom-made Online Conference Management service (support with selecting the platform, technical setup, timeline planning, tech support during the event, additional value-add services, such as closed captioning, after event multilingual subtitling and much more). 

We are experienced Virtual Conferences organizers

Where could you benefit from using remote simultaneous interpreting services? Here some examples:

  • Virtual seminars
  • Conferences
  • Training webinars
  • Court hearings
  • Online product and services presentations for businesses
  • Other types of webinars and events

Video Production – LEO´s 3rd International Online Conference

As experienced professionals in the language and technology industry, we also provide Video Remote Interpreting Services, Over the Phone Interpreters and Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment Rental.

Also we can edit your webinar’s recording so you have high quality video content of your event on demand, in your preferred languages – signed or spoken- and with subtitles.

For multilingual transcription projects, our professional translators will render the transcribed source text into any of our 200 target languages.

Play Video about Video Remote Webinar ASL interpreter

Video: ASL signing for LEO´s 3rd International Online Conference

What our RSI clients and participants are saying

“Bromberg & Associates staff was a pleasure to work with. This translation company had a great representation of professionalism and showed high level of work ethics. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs professional translation in a very reasonable time frame.”

Oksana B. Moceri

“They work with many highly skilled translators and interpreters. Their interpreters are also well versed in interpreter ethics and are very professional. I would recommend Bromberg to anyone in need of translation or interpreting services.”

Leo G

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